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T-shirts for Fund Raising and Marketing

The digital revolution has impacted every aspect of our lives, right down to advertising. Digital marketing and pay-per-click are very reliable ways to attract attention, but some analogue methods also remain effective. A festive T-shirt draws direct attention from people in a remote proximity, better than flyers, cards or posters. Having shirts printed is also a great way to raise funds, because people will be anxious to patronize a good cause. So when you’re not wearing designer fashion, keep in mind the impact that even a simple t-shirt can have.

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T-Shirts for Marketing

Marketing with T-shirts is an excellent way to grow a brand. It’s best to wait until there’s something that causes people to congregate on their own. Sporting events and concerts are great times to use T-shirts as marketing tools. It’s best to do a walk through as the people are funneled in at the gates and entrances. You simply need between 100-200 people wearing the T-shirts to walk through the condensed area. It’s best if the shirts are brightly colored with contrasting letters, so people can see them from a distance. Seeing so many people wearing the T-shirts will naturally peak the interest of others. You can also use this technique at a mall on the weekend, but you don’t need as many people.

T-Shirts and Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is the new way to earn funds via the world wide web. There are several different platforms for launching a crowdfunding campaign, but they all have a few similarities. Each platform is designed to help an organization meet a goal and, each campaign must offer rewards to donors for different levels of support. You can use T-shirts as a reward if you want to raise funds for any cause. Each shirt should require at least a $20 donation, and you can adjust donation levels with key chains and coffee mugs. You can even make beach towels and tote bags as long as they bear the T-shirt’s logo. A $5 donation can garnish a key chain while $10 gets the key chain and a mug. You should also make a thank you email a reward for every donation just in case you need to raise funds again.

Is it Expensive to Print T-Shirts

The price of having T-shirts printed can vary depending upon what type of service you use. You have the option to purchase self-printing kits for home use. This is a good idea if you only have a few shirts to print, but it’s very time consuming. You also have the option of using a professional print shop, but this is very expensive. However, a professional shop will yield the highest quality results. You also have the option of ordering the shirts offline, but these rates rival those of a print shop. The one way to get quality prints while saving money is by contacting the local high school graphic arts teacher. He or she will have the resources and skill to print shirts at a discount.

A family reunion is one of the major reasons people have T-shirts printed. The shirts can be printed in different colors to represent the different grandchildren and great grandchildren that have sprung from the original patriarchs. Fortunately T-shirts are also excellent ways to market or promote products.